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Regional councils

Key regional political players

Union life in the regions is organized around thirteen Regional Councils across Québec, which bring together, by region, the various CSN affiliate unions.

The Regional Council is vital for fostering solidarity among the unions in a region, particularly during conflicts. It is called upon to intervene on regional issues and on themes developed by the CSN in the course of its campaigns.

Solidarity is organized and manifested regionally through these forums for union debate and public consultation. Each Regional Council is accountable to its governing body, the general assembly, and holds a policy convention every three years to determine its work plan.

The Regional Council assists workers in organizing themselves into unions, and provides training for union activists regarding issues including union life, Executive Committee member roles, and other union concerns such as health and safety, union information, status of women, integration of cultural communities, etc.

The Regional Council also assumes the responsibility to provide political representation on various economically, politically, or socially relevant organizations, such as the regional councils of labour market partners.