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National committee on the Status of Women

The committee’s mandate consists of supporting activists who are engaged in women’s issues. It publishes reports and promotes the creation of committees advocating for the status of women at the union, federation, and Regional Council levels. The committee ensures that the CSN contributes to and participates in women’s struggles by sharing information as well as undertaking struggles on issues relevant to women.

Women represent half of Québec’s population and more than half of its workforce. Half of the CSN’s constituents are women.

The living conditions of women are characterized by job insecurity, income inequality, inadequate representation in the halls of power, and the need, still a significant one, to reconcile the demands of family and professional life. They are also faced with the specific problems of workplace health and safety, discrimination, harassment, and domination and violence, not to mention the marginalization they experience in some male-dominated workplaces.

Nicole Dupuis
Secretary general
Regional Council, Outaouais

Judith Huot

Pauline Bélanger
Secretary Treasurer
Regional Council,  Bas-Saint-Laurent

Nancy Boucher
STT des stationnements de Québec

Chantale Racicot
Regional Council, Laurentians

Violaine Damphousse
SEE du Collège Shawinigan

Michèle Delsemme
Office worker, Montréal regional council, CSN Employee representative

Policy Officer: Nathalie Arguin
Policy Advisor: Mireille Bénard
Union Advisor, Status of Women, Research and Status of Women Service: Emmanuelle Proulx
Office Employee, Status of Women, Research and Status of Women Service : Josée Desrosiers