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Our Statement of Principles

The Confédération des syndicats nationaux (Federation of National Trade Unions) is a free and democratic trade union organization. It is dedicated to the defence of its members and the promotion of its values.

The CSN is comprised of unions, federations, and Regional Councils, which are autonomous within their respective jurisdictions, and it brings together women and men who are inspired, in their actions and orientation, by values such as freedom, justice, responsibility, and solidarity.

In the search for greater dignity, these men and women fight for the improvement of their working and living conditions, and, in this way, contribute to improving the living conditions of all workers. By their union action, the society they live in is itself transformed.

Through these struggles, in all their forms, the CSN determines its orientation, advocacy, and actions. CSN members share the conviction that there can be no gain without effort, and no victory without creating the conditions that make victory possible.

The first condition for such victory is solidarity: concrete, active solidarity that is constantly nourished and enriched. The CSN believes in solidarity between all workers in all countries. As a concrete expression of this belief, and to translate this expression into action, the CSN is affiliated with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

The CSN endorses and is inspired in its actions by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as other great charters that provide a foundation for rights and freedoms.

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