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Advantages of unionizing

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about unions that discourage workers from unionizing.  By discrediting unions and tarnishing their image, the possibility of unionizing is kept out of the reach of workings.  This helps maintain only the bare minimum of working conditions.

Why unionize ?

A union is essentially a tool that workers can equip themselves with to improve their working conditions and defend their interests.  Individually, this proves difficult. But collectively, these are goals we can achieve.

Advantages of Unionizing

  • On average, the hourly wage of a unionized worker is more than 24% higher than the wage of a non-unionized worker.  The hourly wage of a unionized worker can be more than 10 $ higher in certain sectors.
  • It’s a fact that unionized workers earn better salaries than those who perform the exact same job functions in a non-unionized environment. We also know that unionized workers have more benefits (insurance, retirement plans, sick days, etc.) and these benefits offer better protection.
  • Retirement Plans / RRSP
  • Health Insurance
  • Sick Leave
  • Average Salary
  • Vacation Pay
Without a union
  • 32.9%
  • 44.4%
  • 44.7%
  • $15.01/hour
  • 4% to 6%