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23 avril 2020A Union to Get Respect (2020)

A union is essentially a tool that employees can rely on to improve their working conditions and to protect their rights.

Individually, employees would have great difficulty achieving these goals. Collectively, however, they stand a much better chance of doing so. It has been proven that unionized employees earn higher salaries than nonunionized employees in identical jobs. It is also a wellknown fact that unionized employees enjoy a greater number of fringe benefits (group insurance, retirement plan, sick leave, etc.) that offer them better protection.

20 mars 2020COVID-19 reference document (English)
NB: The Service juridique and the Service de la santé, sécurité et environnement would like to point out that due to the rapidly changing situation in Québec, the information contained in this document was up to date as of March 20, 2020, at 8 a.m. Both departments are committed to updating this document as frequently as possible. That being said, it is the reader's responsibility to keep abreast of the latest developments.
20 janvier 2020Feminist with all our might
Crédit : Le Collectif 8 mars. Molotov communications. Illustration : Guadalupe Pérez Pita
14 janvier 2020Let’s listen to women (March 8th 2021)
16 avril 2019Poster: April 28, 2019
16 janvier 2018Feminists until things change! (Table tent)
Without fear and with confidence, women’s voices are breaking free.
16 janvier 2018Feminists until things change! (Posters for print)
4 posters for print for the 2018 edition of International Women's Day (March 8th)
1 janvier 2018Professional Defence Fund
Including the amendments made by the June 2018 convention, with changes for the sake of consistency.
1 janvier 2018Statement of principles
This updated version of the statement of principles was adopted at the 59th convention of the CSN, held May 16-21, 1999, in Québec City.
1 janvier 2018Rules of Order
Written by Gérard Picard and adopted by the 1955 convention.