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20 janvier 2020Feminist with all our might
Crédit : Le Collectif 8 mars. Molotov communications. Illustration : Guadalupe Pérez Pita
14 janvier 2020Let’s listen to women (March 8th 2021)
16 avril 2019Poster: April 28, 2019
16 janvier 2018Feminists until things change! (Table tent)
Without fear and with confidence, women’s voices are breaking free.
16 janvier 2018Feminists until things change! (Posters for print)
4 posters for print for the 2018 edition of International Women's Day (March 8th)
1 janvier 2018Professional Defence Fund
Including the amendments made by the June 2018 convention, with changes for the sake of consistency.
1 janvier 2018Statement of principles
This updated version of the statement of principles was adopted at the 59th convention of the CSN, held May 16-21, 1999, in Québec City.
1 janvier 2018Rules of Order
Written by Gérard Picard and adopted by the 1955 convention.
5 juin 2017Confederal Committees Executive Summaries
1 juin 2017Financial statements (2014-2017)